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The Company

MILLAWAVE SYSTEMS LLC., a company organized in the state of Nevada, USA with business bureaus in Hong Kong and the Philippines. MILLAWAVE holds investments in Broadcast and Communication engineering. The company started as MARJEDS SYSTEMS in the Philippines in 1997 and has increased the size over the years through organic growth and strategic acquisitions. MILLAWAVE is in the business of filling the communication requirements of the country's highly unpredictable physical terrain as well as extremely mobile, social and business environment. MILLAWAVE provides system solutions to this stringent requirement by providing its client with flexibility. Along with the solution, MILLAWAVE provides a sales support service during the installation phase and warranty period and after the warranty phase. MILLAWAVE support service is at maintaining client's satisfaction and establishing a long-term business relationship with its clientele. The MILLAWAVE product line includes TV broadcast transmitters for DVB, ISDB, ATSC and Analog operation, Fixed and transportable Satellite Uplink, a content distribution platform such as MMDS, MVDS, DTH, IPTV, DTMD and contribution equipment such as Microwave Link, Live Packs and Long range video links.
MILLAWAVE plans to serve more by promoting its present products and services to the commercial market segments and frontiers not served by other companies. In recognition of the worth of its human resources, MILLAWAVE started a program to share the company profits with its employees. For its stockholders, the objective is to strike a balance between their stock returns and company growth.
The VETERANS ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONS, INC. (VETRONIX) was organized in 1974 to manufacture tactical radios for the Arm Forces of the Philippines under the AFP-Self Reliant Defense Posture Program. VETRONIX has also ventured into the commercial market by installing the first Cellular System for PILTEL under the guidance of AT&T. Since then it had contracted the system installation of the Public Calling Office of the Municipal Telephone Project Office under CANAC and Philips TRT. In 1991, it contracted the installation of the cellular system for Globe Telecom under the NOKIA and Broadcast Communication Limited. Due to some reasons beyond control of the employees, VETRONIX has decided to suspend its operations and retired all its employees in September 1998. In order to expand the operation of MARJEDS SYSTEMS INC. and attain its objective, it hired the retired personnel composed of technical personnel involved and trained in the manufacturing, research and development and operation. While MARJEDS started to operate in 1997, it carries the experience and the expertise of VETRONIX considering that those hired personnel have stayed with that company for more than twenty (20) years. In 1999, MARJEDS with a former VETRONIX team works in the nationwide expansion and upgrade of the GSM Network for GLOBE Telecom and SMART Communication. In 2001, MARJEDS started working as R&D and OEM for US and European companies. In 2007, MARJEDS started producing products under its own brand name Digital-ST in collaboration with new Asian partners. In 2012, MILLAWAVE SYSTEMS LLC concluded an M&A with MARJEDS. MILLAWAVE Hong Kong and MILLAWAVE Philippines were also established.

Our Group

MARJEDS SYSTEMS INC. is engaging in the R&D and Assembly of Broadcast and Communication Product. The company was organized in 1997 in accordance with the provision of Act No. 3883 in compliance with the rules and regulation prescribe by the Department of Trade and Industry under the registration number P97-XIII-01462. MSI was duly approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission under SEC Registration Number H200100182 and in accordance with the corporate code of the Philippines to engage in the multipurpose Electro-venture business here and abroad. MSI is authorized by the National Telecommunications Commission to engage in Manufacturing, Assembly, Acquisition, Selling, Distribution, Install, Service and Maintenance of Communication Equipment and Radio Transmitters, parts and accessories as per NTC Dealers Permit No. ROX-DOO1-98 and NTC Manufacturers Permit No. ROX-M001-2000. MSI houses a highly skilled engineers, technicians and a line of modern assembly and test equipment in our 1,000 square meter facility.
DIGIPHIL TECHNOLOGY INC. Is a subsidiary of MILLAWAVE engage in the marketing and support of Contribution broadcast equipment such as Live Packs, Microwave Links, SNG, Flyaway and Video Streaming product. DIGIPHIL maintains major Broadcast operators, Corporate and Government customers.
Digital-ST is a trademark of MILLAWAVE registered at the Department of Trade and Industry with certificate Number 00252388. Digital-ST offers a line of cost effective products for today's demand of a growing market.

Our Expertise

× DVB, ISDB, ATSC Digital Terrestrial and Satellite Broadcast
× DTH, MMDS, MVDS, IPTV, DTMD Content Distribution Platform
× Equipment R&D, Assembly, Systems Integration and Services

Latest Projects

DTMD - Digital Terrestrial Multimedia Distribution is a new wireless multi-channel content delivery platform developed by MILLAWAVE. It operates on a reusable spectrum and employs a proprietary iSFN carrier repeatation technique where multiple AP's can be meshed to cover a wide region or country. Visit
SMS Broadcaster is a device that sends text messages to any GSM mobile phone within the area of 2-3 kM radius designed for emergency alerts during calamity and disaster. Powerful software, fast IMSI/IMEI aquisation, real time statistics and high speed SMS transmission. The device can send SMS without the need of the mobile numbers and operates independently from any cellular network. Visit
A backpack Emergency Cellsite (BTS) designed for quick deployment during calamity and disaster. The complete system can be setup in 30 minutes, supports up to 50 simultaneous calls, auto IMSI/IMEI registration, car battery and solar powered, supports 800/900/1800/1900/2100 bands, 3-5 kM coverage area, optional sim card programmer and optional ATA compliant VSAT backhaul terminal. Visit


Providing systems and solution since 1997.

Marjeds Systems Inc.

MSI is engaging in R&D and Assembly of broadcast products. MSI was organized in 1997 in accordance with the Philippines law to engage in the multipurpose electro-venture business here and abroad. MSI possessed a line of modern test equipment housed in a 1,000 square meter RnD facility.

Digiphil Technology Inc.

DIGIPHIL TECHNOLOGY INC. Is a subsidiary of MILLAWAVE engage in the marketing and support of Contribution broadcast equipment such as Live Packs, Microwave Links, SNG, Flyaway and Video Streaming product. DIGIPHIL maintains major Broadcast operators, Corporate and Government customers.


Digital-ST is a trademark of MILLAWAVE. In 2006, MSI started producing product under its own brand name. Our finished product is a collaboration of original Digital-ST made equipment and components made by our partners. Digital-ST offers a line of cost effective broadcast products.


Digital-ST is a trade mark of MILLAWAVE. Check out our complete Catalog.


MILLAWAVE is dedicated to reliability and quality service for your delicate business environment.

| Systems Integration

MILLAWAVE specialized on Planning, Design, Consultancy, Equipment Acquisition, Integration, Implementation and Project Management of Broadcast and Communication Networks that includes; Site Survey, Acquisition and Permitting, Tower Erection, Power Installation, Equipment and Antenna Installation, Commissioning, Quality and Assurance Inspection, Preventive Maintenance, Service and Repair.


| Consultancy and Services

Our technical experts help you make the best choices in organizing your broadcast and communication needs, on any design, installation and operation that suits your requirement. We can provide you the best in-class service based on the deep knowledge and experience of our engineers. Services offered include; Consultancy, custom-made Service, Equiptment Service and Repair, Part Replacement, Software Upgrade, On-Site Technical Support, On-Site Training and other Turn-Key Service.


| R&D and Manufacturing

MILLAWAVE business includes: R & D (Research and Development), OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing), Component Outsourcing, Equipment Assembly, Testing and Quality Assurance. MILLAWAVE possessed a line of Assembly and Manufacturing Equipment, RF laboratory Test Equipment, SMT machine, Environmental Chamber, Tortured Testing Facilities and Diagnostic service instrument.


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